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In 2010, Premiere Prep founder Justin Lee followed through on a challenge from his brother to share and deliver his vision of college preparation to high school students in a customized and effective manner.


Within six months, he ended up working with seven great families and that thrill and excitement of impacting students on a more personal level caused him to leave his positions as an adjunct faculty counselor and community college instructor.


Coupled with his masters in school counseling and extensive experience working with students in the high school and community college settings, Justin parlayed his true passion of business with education. Tired of seeing high school counselors spend a significant amount of time on class scheduling and discipline, Premiere Prep created its philosophy around two main goals:


1.     Help students become as well-rounded and competitive as possible.

2.     Support students in helping them find a university that is a good fit for “them”.


Inspired by Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) and his book Delivering Happiness, Justin believed in creating a unique company culture with strong core values.


Today, Premiere Prep has served some of the top students at over 50+ high schools in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas to become successful and thrive not only in high school, but in the years to come.

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