FAQ | Premiere Prep
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What type of student does Premiere Prep work with?


We work with a highly selective group of students that demonstrates consistency and excellence in their academics, communication, and involvement inside/outside the classroom.  Our goal is to develop good students and make them better as we are more focused on advancement rather than maintenance.

What universities do our students get accepted to?


Our students have great success with their acceptances and have a success rate of over 70% for their designated target schools. In addition, we have students every year who will get accepted to their dream schools and even some that decline it for various reasons. Regardless of which route our students take, our main priority is to provide our families and students with a handful of options during their senior year.

Do you work with students who are in 11th or 12th grade?


NO.  Please consult with our partners at juniorscramble.com or seniorprocrastinationpackage.com

What background or experience do our team members have?


All of our senior counselors have at least a master’s degree from prestigious universities and have been vetted through Premiere Prep’s intensive and rigorous training program. More importantly, our team has extensive experience working with students in the K-12 and higher education settings along with the valuable insight of being college admissions/scholarship readers.

When is the best time to start?


Our point of entry is only in 9th or 10th grade.  We are able to support families as early as spring semester of 8th grade to best strategize and plan for your child’s freshman year schedule.  Otherwise, the latest we accept any student is January of a student’s sophomore year.